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An animated film is the highest quality of 3D representation.

It allows you to present any project or product from any angle: realistic, cartoon, schematic, film script, with special effects…

2 – What is an interactive 3D solution ?

An interactive 3D solution is, as its name suggests, the real-time interactive 3D version.

Similar to the video game for its state-of-the-art technical features, it meets the requirements of complete specifications in terms of rendering and features (simple 3D model, simple or advanced 3-D configurator, Facebook sharing, 3-D touch application, etc.).

3 – What is a product configurator ?

A product configurator allows you to select a product in a catalogue according to different criteria. This is usually a step-by-step search, using precise search criteria in the database. We do not create any customised product but we choose the one that suits us best, selecting a model from a catalogue of several thousands of models.

4 – What is a product simulator ?

The simulator is used to test and create customised products. For example, you can easily customise a bag by choosing colours and finishes. The products are not in the catalogue but produced to order so they are all customised.

The simulator is used therefore to create and not to search in catalogues.

5 – Who will be my point of contact throughout the project ?

You will have a direct contact who will assist you for the entire duration of the project.

As project manager, your contact person will be responsible for collecting the different elements we need, starting the project with you, meeting you if you wish, and attending any meetings necessary to ensure the smooth running of your project.

6 – Do you work with other advertising agencies ?

Yes. Depending on the project and the need we can interface with your advertising agency.

Our studio also produces 3D videos for other advertising agencies helping them to realize their ideas.